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Anillos y Cursores — Comprar Anillos y Cursores, Precio de , Fotos de Anillos y Cursores, de Texma, Ltda. Artículos de metal y grapas en Allbiz El Salvador
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    Our rings are offered in a range of styles and finishes for every type of spinning frame and yarn production application. The patented S-1000 and S-2000 (patent pending) are our newest premium high performance finishes. The S-2000 finish does offer an advantage of a faster ring break-in over the S-1000, and both were developed for the increasing demand for better ring and traveler performance. Our Crown finish is still very popular in conventional spinning applications due to its fast ring break-in. With our utilization of state of the art Cad-Cam technology, we can offer you precision in the ring and traveler bearing surface area. This will give our customers a traveler and ring combination that will increase consistency and efficiency in their operations. Vertical steel and sintered metal rings and ring lubrication systems are available for spinning and twisting operations that need oil ring systems. We, through our rigid production specifications, offer the highest quality lubrication systems in the industry.
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