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Fire Suppression Systems Argus — Comprar Fire Suppression Systems Argus, Precio de , Fotos de Fire Suppression Systems Argus, de Texma, Ltda. Sistemas contra incendios en Allbiz El Salvador
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    Argus Fire Control manufactures a wide range of fire suppressing system components for all types of textile production processes. By use of infrared detectors, a spark or glowing ember is detected, instantaneously firing a suppression tank, shutting down production equipment and closing dampers to halt the spread of the fire.

    Argus Infrared Spark Detectors

    The heart of the system is the Argus Infrared Spark Detector of which more than 100,000 have been installed around the world. They offer high-speed sensitivity to sparks or embers traveling in the duct work at speeds from 6 inches (150 mm) per second to 200 feet (60 meters) per second.

    Argus Control Panels

    The Argus Xtra and the new Argus Odyssey Fire Control Panels are designed with all the features necessary for high speed fire detection and control. The dust proof and moisture proof construction assures trouble free operation in industrial environments. The panels have features such as individual zone disconnect switches, individual reset switches, and supervised detection, alarm, and extinguisher circuits. The Odyssey panel also offers self-testing and diagnostic features to reduce maintenance costs.

    Argus Fire Suppression Systems

    The fire suppressing systems are installed adjacent to the protected hazard by use of a piping network. Depending on the hazard, either FM-200 clean agent or dry chemical powder is utilized. The FM-200 systems are designed to protect the machinery from fire, but require no cleanup after discharge. The dry chemical systems are used in filtration and other volatile applications where refill costs become prohibitive. In either case, the fire is detected and extinguished quickly,

    • Fire Suppression Systems Argus
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    Fire Suppression Systems Argus
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