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    Projectile weaving machines - a secure investment Over 150 000 machines produced are ample proof of the viability of this technology. These highly versatile machines have scored notable successes in the production of fabrics in large widths.

    The projectile weaving machine - economical and ecological superiority The most successful world-wide weaving machine, already proven by sales of over 150,000. With its extremely economical energy consumption and low weft yarn waste rate, this system fulfils current ecological and economical demands.

    The system has a low spare parts requirement despite high weft-insertion rates, since the variable width of the unique and fully developed projectile weft-insertion principle allows high performance at low speed. The machine will weave even dense fabric style in single- or multi-width fashion with maximum widths of up to 5.45 m and more. Further advantages are the ease of operation, low maintenance requirement and quick style change. All these features are provided by the neat modular system with its precise components, its easy set-up and state-of-the-art electronics. The machine holds open every option to the textile industry, ranging from simple standard fabrics to wide technical fabrics through to modern sophisticated Jacquard fabrics in up to six different weft yarn colors. For instance, take our interesting terry cloth version - redesigned from our standard model for universal terry-cloth applications.
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